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Meet Lori Carhart

Hi, my name is Lori Carhart and although I grew up on a small farm in central Oklahoma, I managed to pursue an acting career and found success in Chicago and Los Angeles. After hundreds of commercials, tv shows & films, I found myself craving more in life so I followed my heart and married my soul mate(an actor ha!), moved to the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains and was thrilled to become the Mom of three rambunctious, curious, funny boys! We ran wild through the mountains together and marched to our own drum until the horrible night of June 29, 2022 when we lost my beloved son, Hayden.

I am so grateful for the loving support of my family as we attempt to come to terms with this loss and our 'new normal'. Very early in my grief I realized there was not much support or resources as I tried to find help for Hayden's two brothers, Dexter (his twin) and his older brother Harrison. When Karen lost her son, Conner, I didn't want her to struggle like I had seeking support, so I invited her over for a "Grief Facial" and Soul Mamas was born! 


As a certified Rebirthing Breathworker and Integrated Energy Therapist, I believe people have the power to heal themselves...even of a broken heart. xoxoLori

Last Trip with Karen and her boys Ian and Conner

Meet Karen Russell

Hi, my name is Karen Russell and I was born in Erie Pa to a very loving hard working family. For eighteen years I had a performing career with artists such as, Alice Cooper, Bette Midler, Michael Jackson and of course several funny B films, and two record deals. I remember filming an HBO special with Bette and as I was at Radio City Music Hall, I thought to myself, this is it. I accomplished what I wanted to do as primarly a dancer, and now I wanted babies.


Crazy how your maternal clock goes off. God blessed me with Conner and Ian Budge and from the moment they were born, my mantra became " I am a Mama First". I never looked back. Even the day before Conner's fatal car crash, I remembered telling my friend, " As long as I have my boys, that is all I need." So when Conner died on September 24th 2022, my heart stopped and my world crumbled.


Thank god I had my faith, family, friends like Lori and a physical yoga practice to keep me from completely going insane. This is why I am a Soul Mama, to be of service and to continue to honor both my sons through building a community to heal each other.

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