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The Amazing Keith Horwitz

Updated: Jan 11

I met Reverend Keith Horwitz through the most horrible set of circumstances you can imagine. I had  lost my 24 year old son, Hayden, and needed a minister to speak at the Memorial. Finding the right person was difficult and the the Self Realization Center(my Temple) does not allow the Monks or Nuns to officiate ceremonies off the grounds of the ashram. It was nine days before the Memorial and time was ticking away. A friend introduced me to Keith and our family met him on Zoom and we all instantly adored him. What was  really mind boggling was that he really GOT Hayden. What I mean by this is that he understood his essence. His qualities. His personality! 

The location for the Memorial was magical and was chosen because of Hayden’s love of nature. It took place at the Peter Strauss Ranch, a beautiful state park near our home. Our family spent many days playing and running across the property and searching for salamanders in the creek beneath the towering eucalyptus grove. In the middle of the park is a small amphitheater surrounded by rock seating, flanked by ancient oaks. The evening sun dappled the stage which was filled with Hayden's skateboard, surfboard, climbing shoes,  hundreds of sunflowers, gold twinkle lights and a table filled with 3D sculptures he created. An artist donated an original piece of a silhouette of Hayden flying through the air on his skateboard. There  was so much love in the air…you could feel it. 

When Keith spoke about Hayden, it was as if he was there. It was so holy. I will always remember that. 

In the months following, I needed counseling for my heavy grief and scheduled a session with Reverend Keith. This Spiritual Counseling changed everything about my grief. It just took me to a better place. Working with Keith, transcends you to a higher level of grief. It pulled me out of that deep dark place where I would often get stuck. With each session, I learned how to energetically shift my own grief or depression. It is so powerful!

I was curious about this new and interesting approach to grief and asked Keith about the modality he was using during my sessions. I was so enthralled that I started taking classes in Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET). What is IET? It is a safe, gentle, nurturing way to empower and balance your life by helping you release patterns of the past for good. I learned how feelings and sensations are stored in the cells of the body much like facts are stored in the cells of the brain and that negative or traumatic experiences, stress, unexpressed emotion, fear, anger, resentment or self-limiting beliefs can become “stuck” (or suppressed) in the body and inhibit or disrupt the flow of vital life force at a cellular level.  After each class, I felt more elevated. 

Energy blockages can limit your experience of life and result in such things as a lack of spontaneity, energy depletion, feelings of unrest, agitation or dis-ease. IET uses a unique Cellular Memory Map® to target specific areas in the body where these “cellular memories” are stored, helping to release them on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  As these blocks are cleared, the suppressed charge of energy dissipates and your energy field is re-balanced.  The more your energy body opens and vital life force can flow freely through it, the closer you move to a natural state of emotional balance and ultimately bliss.

It may sound 'New Age', but it is an ancient technique. 

I have since completed the IET courses and am now qualified to teach! I love it because you work with the purest form of life force to clear and rebalance your energy field. I use IET’s sacred teachings to elevate my grief and there are days that are so bad that nothing can help except Integrated Energy Therapy. The best benefit is that when you are giving another person IET, it flows through the practitioner. The healer becomes the healed.

It is such a relief for me to have the ability to cleanse and clear my own energy field and when I think of how I met Keith and the gift that he has bestowed upon me and my family during this most trying of times, I can’t help but think that Hayden is a part of this beautiful equation. After all, I met Reverend Keith through losing him. My beautiful boy guided my broken heart toward my own healing by introducing me to him. 

Xoxo Lori

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