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Emotional Coding with Carla Sridevi Cohen

Throughout our lives, we go through moments and events that feel traumatic, even if we don't consciously realize their impact. These emotional memories not only change our brain patterns but also affect our body's tissues. If left unresolved, these emotional codes can lead to a lifetime of physical and emotional issues.

Everyone carries emotional wounds that haven't been fully healed. These wounds, and the conclusions we draw from them, become our dominant emotional vibration. This emotional vibration influences everything from how happy or sad we are to how much money we make. Unresolved emotional codes can cause recurring headaches, prolonged sadness, digestive and sleep issues, money problems, and make you feel stuck and alone.

Many people think that thoughts come first and emotions follow, but it's actually the other way around. Emotions come first, and then thoughts are generated as a result. Over time, our mind creates certain rules about how to move forward in life, like "if this happens, it means this, and that means I should do that." We adopt these rules and beliefs as truth, which forms our emotional code. This emotional code consists of a bunch of beliefs that shape our reality. We attract and repel things based on whether they align with our "truth."

Emotional recoding involves healing the source of these thoughts and literally reversing the vibrational pattern, leading to changes in your body, mind, and life results.

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